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Bob Schmidt

An award-winning voice actor, Bob can be heard across the globe on film, radio, and television. From serving as the voice of entire brands, to narration and commercial voiceover, check out samples of his work below.

The Audio

Check out some production pieces featuring Bob. From the serious and touching, to the downright asinine and absurd, Bob has done every type of project (even a few musical ones).

If you're looking for a custom sample, feel free to reach out to Bob in the contact section below. 

About Bob

For over a decade, Bob has been one of the most prominent voices in the sports and news worlds, serving as the signature sound behind Fox Sports, The Dan Patrick Show, Colin Cowherd, The LA Dodgers, and numerous other worldwide brands.

His bold, authoritative voice, and conversational delivery have made him a popular choice amongst brands who want to balance authority with irreverence.